Used Safes-Various grade & sizes, supplied as is unless stated otherwise.

Used 6ft TDR Safe- Heavy Duty

Locking: 1 x Combination lock - Digital lock is optional extra
4 x adjustable shelves
​4 way bolt work mechanism

Approx weight 2,000 kg  
External measurements:  Internal Measurements:
H  1710 mm                      H 1520 mm                 
W  720 mm                       W 520 mm
 D  870 mm                       D 560 mm

Cost $2,900.00 + GST Ex-Brisbane Warehouse

Will ship Australia wide $TBC

Used CMI 5ft TDR Safe

Used CMI Jewellers Grade TDR Safe

Ext: 1575mm x 780mm x 830mm

Locking : Combination lock

Cost $1,900.00 + GST (Reduced) 


Ex-Brisbane Warehouse, will ship Australia wide $TBC

Used CHUBB TDR 5ft Jewellers Safe

Locking: 2 x CHUBB Vault High Security Combination Locks


External measurements:               Internal Measurements:


H  1572 mm                                   H 1318 mm                  
W  778 mm                                    W 521 mm
D   800 mm                                    D 476 mm

Weight: 1972 KG                  329 Cubic liter Capacity

Cost $3,900.00 + GST Ex-Brisbane Warehouse- Will deliver Australia wide $TBC

Second hand Chubb 6ft APO Heavy Duty Cash safe

Locking: 1 x 3 Wheel S&G combination lock & 1 x key lock (optional digital lock)

External 1800mm (H) x 830mm (D) x 785mm (W)

 Internal 1615mm (H) x 600mm (D) x 590mm (W)

Weight: 1,985kg

Steel plate door with additional security barrier material , concrete body

Today's similar item (not as secure in door)
replacement (COM 10 )  $ 6,500.00

Pricing $2,500.00 + GST (Only 1 left stock)
Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.


Used & refurbished Drug Safe

Made from 10mm steel plate


locking: LG Basic Square bolt turn pad

4 shelves removable not adjustable

Ext: 700mm x 605mm x 605mm

Pricing$ 1,100.00 + GST (Only 3 left stock) Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.

Replacement value- approx $2000.00 + GST

Second Hand Lord Gold Series Safe TDR Quality

Used Lord Gold Series Size G5 

Locking: Electronic safe lock - Turn pad SQ bolt

External measurements:  
​1520mm(h) x 650mm(w) x 740mm(d) + 60mm handle    

Internal Measurements: 
4 x lockable internal cupboards
Each (Approx). 300mm(h) x 485mm(w) x 440mm(d)


Reduced to $2,500.00 + GST, Ex-Brisbane Warehouse, will deliver Australia wide $TBC

Used-Refurbished Victoria Safe Co Safe
***SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****we may similar in stock to offer.

Refurbished soft fill Victoria Safe CO Safe

Locking: Electronic safe lock

(no bolt down hole)- Can be modified if required.

Ext: 755mm(h) x 605mm(w) x 610mm(d)

Int: 485mm(h) above drawers x 435mm(w) x 385mm(d)

1 x Shelf inside

Pair of half width drawers (no keys)

Weight: Approx. 160kg

Pricing$ 900.00 + GST (Last one) Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.

Used small Drug Safe

All 10mm Steel plate construction to meet Health Regulations




Locking: Ross 6 Lever Ke ylock


5 x fixed shelves

Ext: 600mm(h) x 450mm(w) x 150mm(d) plus handle/hinge 40mm

Pricing$ 800.00 + GST -Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.

Refurbished PSC custom Safe **Sold**

Refurbished PSC custom office safe

Door: 8mm steel plate 

locking: La-Guard SQ bolt fixed pad

internal lockable cupboard

bolt down hole

Ext: 350mm(h) x 550mm(w) x 410mm(d) + hinge/lock 40mm

Pricing$ 700.00 + GST -Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.***Sold-similar unit available***

Model PSC557 Managers Safe-Ex-Diplay/Demo units
  • Externally: 557mm x 405mm x 305mm

  • All 6mm steel plate constructed

  • Laser cut material for high quality finish

  • Standard locking: Ross 700 serial High Security Key lock

  • Optional locking: High Security Restricted key lock

  • Commercial grade electronic safe lock

  • Lower section for float-Heavy duty 20x10mm locking bar with 20x10mm backing bar to protect the lock bolt

  • Upper section for documents- locking via 600Al key lock 10x10mm slam bar

  • 3 bolt down holes 14mm diameter

Special price $895.00 + GST (Replacement cost $1,150.00 + GST)

***2 in stock***


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