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Used Safes-Various grade & sizes, supplied as is unless stated otherwise.

picture used safe
picture used safe
Used 6ft TDR Safe- Heavy Duty

Locking: 1 x Combination lock - Digital lock is optional extra
4 x adjustable shelves
​4 way bolt work mechanism

Approx weight 2,000 kg  
External measurements:  Internal Measurements:
H  1710 mm                      H 1520 mm                 
W  720 mm                       W 520 mm
 D  870 mm                       D 560 mm

Cost $2,900.00 + GST Ex-Brisbane Warehouse

Will ship Australia wide $TBC

picture used safe
picture used safe
picture used safe
picture of used safe
picture of used safe
Used CMI 5ft TDR Safe

Used CMI Jewellers Grade TDR Safe

Ext: 1575mm x 780mm x 830mm

Locking : Combination lock

Cost $1,900.00 + GST (Reduced) 


Ex-Brisbane Warehouse, will ship Australia wide $TBC

Used CHUBB TDR 5ft Jewellers Safe

Locking: 2 x CHUBB Vault High Security Combination Locks


External measurements:               Internal Measurements:


H  1572 mm                                   H 1318 mm                  
W  778 mm                                    W 521 mm
D   800 mm                                    D 476 mm

Weight: 1972 KG                  329 Cubic liter Capacity

Cost $3,900.00 + GST Ex-Brisbane Warehouse- Will deliver Australia wide $TBC

Second hand Chubb 6ft APO Heavy Duty Cash safe

Locking: 1 x 3 Wheel S&G combination lock & 1 x key lock (optional digital lock)

External 1800mm (H) x 830mm (D) x 785mm (W)

 Internal 1615mm (H) x 600mm (D) x 590mm (W)

Weight: 1,985kg

Steel plate door with additional security barrier material , concrete body

Today's similar item (not as secure in door)
replacement (COM 10 )  $ 6,500.00

Pricing $2,500.00 + GST (Only 1 left stock)
Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.


Used & refurbished Drug Safe

Made from 10mm steel plate


locking: LG Basic Square bolt turn pad

4 shelves removable not adjustable

Ext: 700mm x 605mm x 605mm

Pricing$ 1,100.00 + GST (Only 3 left stock) Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.

Replacement value- approx $2000.00 + GST

used safe
used safe
Second Hand Lord Gold Series Safe TDR Quality

Used Lord Gold Series Size G5 

Locking: Electronic safe lock - Turn pad SQ bolt

External measurements:  
​1520mm(h) x 650mm(w) x 740mm(d) + 60mm handle    

Internal Measurements: 
4 x lockable internal cupboards
Each (Approx). 300mm(h) x 485mm(w) x 440mm(d)


Reduced to $2,500.00 + GST, Ex-Brisbane Warehouse, will deliver Australia wide $TBC

Used-Refurbished Victoria Safe Co Safe
***SOLD****SOLD****SOLD****we may similar in stock to offer.

Refurbished soft fill Victoria Safe CO Safe

Locking: Electronic safe lock

(no bolt down hole)- Can be modified if required.

Ext: 755mm(h) x 605mm(w) x 610mm(d)

Int: 485mm(h) above drawers x 435mm(w) x 385mm(d)

1 x Shelf inside

Pair of half width drawers (no keys)

Weight: Approx. 160kg

Pricing$ 900.00 + GST (Last one) Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.

used drug safe
used drug safe
Used small Drug Safe

All 10mm Steel plate construction to meet Health Regulations




Locking: Ross 6 Lever Ke ylock


5 x fixed shelves

Ext: 600mm(h) x 450mm(w) x 150mm(d) plus handle/hinge 40mm

Pricing$ 800.00 + GST -Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.

used PSC Custom safe
used PSC Custom safe
Refurbished PSC custom Safe **Sold**

Refurbished PSC custom office safe

Door: 8mm steel plate 

locking: La-Guard SQ bolt fixed pad

internal lockable cupboard

bolt down hole

Ext: 350mm(h) x 550mm(w) x 410mm(d) + hinge/lock 40mm

Pricing$ 700.00 + GST -Ex Brisbane Store, can ship Australia wide at extra cost.***Sold-similar unit available***

Model PSC557 Managers Safe-Ex-Diplay/Demo units
  • Externally: 557mm x 405mm x 305mm

  • All 6mm steel plate constructed

  • Laser cut material for high quality finish

  • Standard locking: Ross 700 serial High Security Key lock

  • Optional locking: High Security Restricted key lock

  • Commercial grade electronic safe lock

  • Lower section for float-Heavy duty 20x10mm locking bar with 20x10mm backing bar to protect the lock bolt

  • Upper section for documents- locking via 600Al key lock 10x10mm slam bar

  • 3 bolt down holes 14mm diameter

Special price $895.00 + GST (Replacement cost $1,150.00 + GST)

***2 in stock***


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