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PSC-Premier Safe Company P/L products are Australian made and carry a     

*5 year manufactures warranty against faulty workmanship (locks carry up to 2 year warranty). All steel is laser cut for high quality finish (BlueScope steel) * Terms & conditions apply

photo of range of safes
Model PSC300 Deposit safe
  • Standard Locking: Ross 700 series High security key lock

  • Optional locking: High Security Restricted key lock

  • Electronic safe lock (various models)

  • Externally: 300x300x200mm

  • 2 bold down holes 14mm diam.

  • 20x10mm locking bar with 2nd bar behind lock

  • upper and lower slam bars

  • Laser cut mterials

Sales & Service (All States, Metro & Regional)

Safe installation & Modifications (All States, Metro & Regional)

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